Case study services


To build confidence with prospective clients, it’s important to distinguish yourself from other companies by effectively explaining the services you provide.

Online testimonials are a great way to build confidence with potential buyers. However, case studies go even more in depth. Case studies are carefully crafted narratives that tell the story of exactly how you helped a client achieve their targets and goals.

My two to four page case studies can be used as part of your marketing materials – both on and offline – for a number of years. They offer a clear return on investment and proven results.

Learn all the ways case studies and happy customer stories can help you grow your business.

Press release services


Press releases are a clever marketing tool. They’re great for gaining important press attention for new products, services, and noteworthy projects. When used consistently, they are also an excellent tool for maximizing SEO efforts on your website.

Keep your clients, investors, and communities in the know about ongoing activities. Send regular press releases written in an attention-grabbing journalistic format. Hit all your talking points with succinct grace.

I offer one-off services to promote your product or service launch. My retainer options for PR work also ensure I’m available for your pressing product and service announcements whenever you need me.

Blog management services


From conception to posting, my blog management services are part of a comprehensive content plan.

Blog posts are one type of content marketing that offer immediate educational value to your clients. They keep visitors coming back to your website for insider tips and observations.

A blog is also an excellent way to grow your business and brand. Timely thought leadership posts promote you as an expert in your niche.

My blog management services include targeted keywords, diligent research, consistent voice, meticulous editing, and scheduling for all your posts.

Blog management projects are priced according to their complexity on a case-by-case basis. Recommended tools like CoSchedule can also dramatically simplify and automate the scheduling process.

If you are the hands-on type, learn how to manage a productive content brainstorming session. However, if you’re ready to work with a professional to craft a long-term content strategy, book your initial consultation today to discuss your options!


Web copy services


From landing pages to product descriptions, I offer a range of website copywriting services. I guide visitors into your site with engaging product stories, internal links, and strategically placed calls to action.

Save the technical specs for your project brochure and sales calls: website copy needs to be reader-friendly and jargon-free.

My web content draws the reader in and helps them visualize the product or service you offer. I make it instantly clear what value is to be gaining from your company or organization.

Looking to redo a homepage or redesign a full website? I’m happy to help you plan a UX-friendly site that explains key products and helps you hit sales targets. Book your initial consultation to discuss!

SEO services

SEO Services


For a new SEO client, the first thing that needs to be completed is a full site SEO audit. Here is a short list of some of the services I offer.

Full site SEO audit – I have a multi-page site-level and page-level audit that I complete. You always get a copy of the results. This is a very detailed assessment of your site’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s completed from “behind the scenes” (so I do need full access to your website). The audit a thorough assessment of pressing issues that need immediate attention. It also informs which services you need first to get your site search engine optimized.

Blog SEO – Working with each blog post on an individual basis, I assess and fix common issues that may be preventing your blog posts from ranking. Adjustments may include minor grammar and keyword edits to your post’s text. They may also include more dramatic changes to your post’s URL structure, title, meta description, and image alt. attributes, and internal links.

Guest posting and inbound links services to raise domain authority (DA) – This white-hat SEO backlink development service is useful for increasing your brand reach, establishing you as an influencer in your niche, and increasing traffic to your site. It will also naturally raise your domain authority (DA) which contributes to a higher rank in search engines. Never buy links – this is what’s known as a “black-hat” SEO practice. Instead, I work with you to help you find relevant guest post opportunities in your niche. All my services are completely legal and above board.

Additional SEO services include:

  • Customer avatar development
  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • Intent- and context-based keyword research
  • Social media hashtag recommendations

Contributed articles


If you want to be seen as a thought-leader in your industry, you need to be sharing your innovative ideas with the wider world. One way to accomplish this is by regularly contributing articles to key professional news sites, journals, and publications. These contributed articles will get you noticed by potential clients and other industry professionals. Additionally, they often lead to new projects and collaborations.

If you do this PR work yourself, you may spend hours at it. It can also require months of networking, pitching, research, writing, and editing to see an article go live! It’s easier (and more efficient) to hire a connected copywriter to do the brainstorming, pitching, and heavy lifting for you.

Getting your ideas out there in front of readers and industry professionals is a great way to grow your brand and name recognition. It also grows your visible presence in your business niche.

  • Do you have business websites you visit or trade publications you read regularly?
  • Have you ever wished you could see your byline on those sites and in those publications?
  • Do you enjoy subscriptions to business journals that you would love to be featured in?
  • Do you want to write for websites and magazines, but just don’t have the time?

I can help.

Book an initial consultation to discuss your goals in-depth and create a targeted contributed article plan.

White paper services


White papers are informative marketing documents that educate customers on specific industry-related topics, services, or products. They can be used as internal documents, shared with high-profile potential customers, or they can be made available on the web for everyone to download and read. They can also be used as bait for an email newsletter or other sign up on your website or a product page.

White papers are structured a bit like mini books, but their aim is different. While they’re designed to educate and inform, they’re also written to convince the reader of a particular position. They present a solution to a common problem that the reader has, while also subtly presenting your product or service as the perfect solution.

White papers are valuable assets for your sales funnel. They’re full of well-researched content that can also be tweaked and re-purposed for a variety of other marketing documents such as contributed articles, guest posts, blog posts, and more!