While searching in Google itself can often give helpful and surprising results, there are a number of other free and paid tools used by businesses and professional content marketers to grow their brands. Depending on your budget, the following SEO keyword research tools infographic will help you pick the best tool for your business needs.

From insights into intent-based search optimization using free tools like Ask the Public and Seed Keywords, to more robust paid tools like Moz’s Keyword Explorer, this12 SEO keyword research tools infographic guide has something for everyone.

Nothing is more important than crafting quality content to promote your business and brand. Crafting informative articles and resources that answer your target market’s key queries is key to a robust and engaging content strategy.

But where to start?

You may think you know your customer, but how well do you know them, really? Do you know what words and phrases they search online?

Do you know what words and phrases they search for online before they find you? What do their refined and specific search terms look like? How can you find these things out?

Fortunately, the answers to these questions are only a few clicks away.


The SEO keyword research tools infographic

There are a few hacks – like using this SEO keyword research tools infographic. Using this list of tools and software you can leverage multiple keyword databases and programs to prioritize the best content for your site.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is the process of optimizing your website so that your ideal customers are more likely to find your resources in organic searches for your brand and/or services.

However, the best way to approach SEO is to not limit yourself to only one or two tools. Keep a full suite of free and paid tools to get inside your customer’s head. Combining tools will help you figure out what terms your customers are using to find content online similar to your own.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to use these tools, but the more you play with them the easier they get.

Check out this post for a more detailed explanation of how to use each tool.

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SEO keyword research tools infographic

For more information on each of these tools and how to use them, Check out this post for a detailed explanation and link to each tool. Please share this infographic with others on your social networks using the sharing links below!

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