I’m an online marketer and solopreneur. This means It can be challenging to balance my own business needs with those of my clients.

To remedy this, I recently signed up for CoSchedule’s free Content Calendar Course. It’s designed to teach the basics of using CoSchedule – an online marketing calendar – to schedule all social media posts and shared content.

Over the length of the course, I learned some content generation tips that I hadn’t heard elsewhere. I also took a deeper dive into my own goals. I ended up with a full three-month plan for managing my own content moving forward.

…and I must say I’m totally hooked!

If you’re not familiar with CoSchedule, it’s a simple and easy-to use marketing calendar. It lets you drag-and-drop elements of your business marketing plan into place.

This marketing tool makes it easy to plan, create, and promote all types of marketing content. You can send the content across multiple social channels at once from a single interface. Also, everything is in one place – even my WordPress blog posts.

This saves lots of time that I can spend actually researching and writing new content. Additionally, it also frees up time to work on my clients’ content marketing projects to grow their business efforts!

Ultimately, CoSchedule is helping me grow my audience through automation and smart marketing plans.

In the future, it will also facilitate efficient collaboration between all members of my remote team.


Here’s a two minute introduction that shows CoSchedule in action.

WordPress Compatibility


Yje CoSchedule plugin is designed to fully integrate with WordPress. My CoSchedule plugin installation was an absolute breeze!

I opted to reinstall and activate the plugin manually because I did have some difficulties with their one-click install process.

Using the CoSchedule plugin, I can write my posts right in WordPress and they sync beautifully. In fact, I’m using the plugin to write this post right now!

This means I don’t have to give up all the creative control I have with my DIVI WordPress theme.


My marketing schedule at a glance


Using CoSchedule’s drag and drop calendar I can plan out my marketing calendar months in advance. It’s easy for me to visualize the big picture for all my content and campaigns.

Using their ReQueue feature, I can also keep my schedule packed with valuable content and shared resources.

It’s simple to locate and fill gaps in my schedule and build a solid plan for all my content and social promotion.

CoSchedule Content Types
CoSchedule WordPress-Calendar

Intuitive and visual scheduling


I’ve tried other scheduling companies in the past. However, none offer the intuitive flexibility that CoSchedule provides. It is truly an all-in-one solution. I can’t wait to start exploring all it’s other features.

I can add up to 10 social accounts on my startup plan – which is just enough for my basic business needs at this time.

All the most popular social and business networks are included. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram are all easily set up from the admin. section of the site.

I currently have almost 20 social profiles and social groups that I actively maintain. Thankfully, I’ve narrowed down my list to those I need the most help maintaining.

My connected profiles include two Twitter profiles (personal and business), two LinkedIn profiles (personal and business), one business Facebook group, one personal Facebook profile, and four Facebook pages for my various brands and projects.

Considering that the average online user only has around five to six social accounts, this online tool will definitely grow with most businesses as they become more active on their social accounts.

Other marketing tools from CoSchedule


CoSchedule offers additional tools that I use in my work as a content strategist and online marketer. Their popular (and free) Headline Analyzer helps bloggers craft powerful and enticing headlines to grab their reader’s attention.

I’m also a huge fan of the CoSchedule Social Message Optimizer, their Click-to-Tweet WordPress plugin, and the CoSchedule app for on-the-go scheduling.

The CoSchedule app


For on-the-go professionals (like me) who squeeze every productive minute out of their day, the mobile version of CoSchedule makes planning and tracking campaigns even easier!

I love that I can curate content from my phone while browing the web. I also plan and track campaigns without cracking open my laptop!

Like what you’ve seen? Go try it for yourself! Visit the CoSchedule site and sign up for a free 14-day trial – no credit card required.
Come back and let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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