Effective white paper marketing can make or break your campaign. This is because white papers are only useful and powerful as a marketing tool when they are read by your target customers.

For a white paper to successfully influence potential clients, you need to craft a campaign around the paper to gain readers and interest in the information it provides.

Crafting a white paper launch should always include strategizing additional marketing materials for potential clients to read. These content materials should send a consistent message across all platforms.


What is a white paper?


For the uninitiated, white paper documents are usually in the five to eight-page range and clock in at around 2500 words.

White papers contain narrative text that is educational, practical, and useful – not a sales pitch. The paper provides facts, not just opinion.



White papers may show and explain a particular product, or communicate the value of a certain service. Typically, they also tend to relate the product or service to important desired customer outcomes: usually saved cost, time, or resources.

Additionally, because more people read white papers for work, not pleasure, it’s important that the design of the paper also includes elements that make it easier to read.

When designing your white paper, include elements such as…

  • Text breakdowns and headings to make it easy to skim.
  • Illustrations.
  • Pull quotes.
  • Text boxes.
  • Other visual aids like photographs and infographics.


Crafting a white paper marketing campaign


So you’ve outlined, researched, wrote, edited, and designed the actual paper, Now it’s important to craft a campaign around the white paper and market it thoroughly.

Promotion can happen in a variety of ways. Here are 13 ways to get your white paper the attention it deserves.

  1. Send letters out to prospective clients inviting them to read the paper.
  2. Post the paper on numerous websites.
  3. Extract smaller ideas from the paper and craft related blog posts.
  4. Create a press release about the paper.
  5. Mention the white paper in newsletters, e-zines, magazine articles, news articles, and blogs.
  6. Feature the paper prominently on your home page.
  7. Create online ads for the white paper.
  8. Send emails about your white paper.
  9. Mention the available white paper in email signature lines.
  10. Tweet about the white paper or share about it on social media channels.
  11. Give it to prospects on sales calls.
  12. Give it to prospects at trade shows.
  13. Pay a third-party service to syndicate it.


Searching out value-added services


Put your best foot forward with your white paper campaign. A professional content strategist should be happy to answer questions and offer help with any of the above suggestions.

A professional content strategist will look beyond the copywriting and completion of the white paper document itself. They will be ready and able to help you craft a complete marketing campaign.

These value added services may include drafting sample cover letters and e-mails to your potential clients. They may also include composing related blog posts or contributed articles from extracted ideas. A PR and content strategist can also help you put together a press release for your paper.

All of these additional campaign aids will get you started promoting your paper. They will also take the burden off you so you don’t need to do any additional creative writing.

It’s important to ensure your paper gets out there into the hands of your target clients and customers.

These promotional ideas for your white paper marketing provide will help you share the ideas in your white paper far and wide.

If you entice more people to read the white paper, you’ll ultimately bring in more leads. In turn, those prospects can be converted into new clients and customers… which is why you wrote the paper in the first place.


Janet Kozak

Janet Kozak

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