Now it’s “hip” to be a successful entrepreneur. Everyone shares their favorite social media outlet they use to “promote their brand.”

Conversion rates, landing pages, webinars, and sign-ups. It’s all great.

However, as the entrepreneurs who overcome the growing pains to finally see results can assure you, none of those tools matter as much as mental resilience.

So what are the powerful mental habits of a successful entrepreneur you need to adopt?

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Know great things happen outside your comfort zone


There will be parts of your entrepreneurial journey where you’ll feel you have the right skills to get the job done.

However, even more likely, time and time again you will find yourself in situations that push you out of your comfort zone.

Maybe it’s recording a video and publishing it on your social media page, or maybe it’s reaching out to potential clients.

There will always be something to do that you’ve never done before.


Face your fears


Just like working outside your comfort zone, you will have to face your fears head-on. Fear of failure and fear of success.

It’s natural for human beings to be afraid of the unknown, but instead of concentrating on “what ifs,” consider “If I never try, what would I regret the most?”

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You will find that the regret of not doing something at all is much greater than putting your fears aside.

As Susan Jeffers says in her best-selling book, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”


Overcome self-doubt


In this journey, you’re going to doubt yourself. A lot.

You may be doubting your choice of hosting provider or the key message you want to convey. You may wonder why you’re even claiming you know anything about your topic, or how can you reach more people.

The difference between those that struggle and those that succeed is not letting self-doubt consume you.

It’s counterproductive to sit and ponder whether you made the “right” decision.

Once you make a decision, move on and adjust along the way.


Know you have permission to be successful


In Dan Kennedy’s book, No B.S. Business Success, he writes about what it takes to have a successful business mindset.

He explains how many people are stuck in thinking they need to get another qualification, attend another course, or wait until the market will see their talent before they will go full force on their business.

It’s nonsense.

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Successful entrepreneurs do not wait for permission. They look for opportunities to grow their business and learn needed skills along the way.

Which brings me to another point…


Always be open to learning new things


With entrepreneurship, nothing is constant.

Sure, good basics like an email list, an audience, and a process to close sales will be always the lifeline of any business.

However, building that audience – along with engaging and nurturing your customers so that people trust, like, and buy from you – will take adjustments over the course of the business.

It’s not about chasing every new shiny object, but improving your targeting, ad reach, and conversion rate will always need some tweaking.

The successful are ready to either learn it themselves or hire someone who can help them bring their company to the next level.


Business Content Strategy Course


Be an action taker


How many times have you said to yourself that you should do “that” because “It would help me launch/advance my business”?

The difference between successful entrepreneurs and those that struggle is how fast they take action.

Successful entrepreneur sprinting

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Action helps you decide whether a software is helping you to serve your customers better…or not.

Action shows you whether that split test you implemented helps you to convert more people into subscribers.

Action beats procrastination.


Do what needs to be done no matter what


This is a biggie.

There is yet an entrepreneur to come out and say that it was a breeze to get the business up and running profitably.

It doesn’t happen.

Successful entrepreneurs learn early enough that things that need to be done to get to the next level will have to be done, even if he or she “doesn’t feel like it.”

All the “overnight” stories that media outlets publish don’t include the details about the long hours behind the computer doing the work.

Entrepreneurs build success bit by bit. They connect with new people and spread their message.

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In conclusion, successful entrepreneurs know that they will have to face their fears, self-doubt, and insecurities. They take it as a part of their journey.

Mental toughness, not the software, determines whether a business will fail or succeed.

Which of these seven successful mental entrepreneurial habits resonate the most with you? Which one of them do you find hardest to overcome?

Let us know in the comments below.

Veronika al Mahdiyah

Veronika al Mahdiyah

Guest Author

Veronika al Mahdiyah, BSc (Hons) Psych (Open), is a relationship coach for busy ambitious Muslim women. She helps them create the marriage of their dreams.

Veronika is obsessed with mindset hacks, overcoming fear, and finding the balance between personal and professional fulfillment. Visit her website – Muslim Housewife.

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