Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of advantages. In order to be successful, we have to learn to have some specific mental habits in place.

Why am I mentioning mental habits you might ask?

Let me give you a short story to prove my point.

There was once a teacher who had two students and they were both strong yet the way they saw things were different.

One day the teacher sat down with two students and placed a glass of water on the table that was filled with water to the middle of the glass. He told them to write down what they saw in front of them. Both students saw the same glass but the answer they wrote down was different from one another. After they finished writing down their answers the teacher read them out loud.

One of the students wrote, “There is a glass of water in front of me that is half empty.”

The other one wrote, “There is a glass of water in front of me that is half full.”

They were both right, yet they both saw the glass differently. The teacher said, “Life is full of challenges and what you choose to focus on when you face those challenges will decide how your life turns out in the end. You can have a happy and regret-free life or you can have a sad and regretful life. It all depends on how you see your glass, half full or half empty.”

This is the power of how we see our own lives. This is what ultimately determines if we are successful and happy – or not.

In order to be among the successful entrepreneurs, there are four mental habits to have.



Whenever life throws us a couple of problems our brain can have the habit of directing all our focus on the problems and wherever focus goes energy flows. Suddenly life just looks and feels like one unstable mess.

However, no matter what problems we face, we always have something to be grateful for – if we choose to look for it.



This can be as simple as having a glass of water, fresh air, good health, people who care about us, and so much more.
No matter how many problems we have, our blessings are always present. If we choose to be grateful for them, they’ll weigh more in our hearts than our problems will.




Suddenly, just because we are grateful, the problems we face seem small and solvable.

Which brings me to my next mental habit…

Everything is Figureoutable


“Everything is figureoutable” is the mantra of respected coach and entrepreneur Marie Forleo.

No matter how impossible a situation in our lives looks, there is something we can do about it. It might take some time to find the solution, but there is always a way out.


Always a way out


The first step to finding the way out is to believe that it exists.

Here is where the belief “everything is figureoutable” comes in. When we truly choose to believe that, we act accordingly and our destiny changes.

Grow, Grow, and then Grow Some More


Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean physical growth (although that has its place). What I am talking about is mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

As humans, we are both masterpieces and works in progress. We were created and shaped beautifully. And our capacity to learn and adapt is pretty powerful.

We have to remember this.

We were made this way so we could learn, grow, and change into the best version of ourselves. Every day we live, we have the chance to learn something new about the world, ourselves, and others. With that, we can go forward and become new and better versions of ourselves.


Learn something new


But remember, we should balance growth with gratitude of how far we have some. I bet you’ve learned a thing or two since last year. Be grateful for that.

Failures = Gift


Dean Graziosi, another well-known and respected entrepreneur, said. “Fail fast and win quicker.”

Often times we may hate failing. However, failing is not a bad thing, it’s a gift.

It can be called a gift for plenty of reasons. For example, when we fail, we learn one way that’s not working. This brings us closer to finding a way that will.

I remember back in high school I failed my math exam: not just once, but twice. By the third time, my teacher and family were losing hope in me ever passing. However, when I saw them lose hope, it helped push me to believe in myself and work harder.

Eventually, guess what? Yes, you’re right, I passed. But because I failed twice, I learned something really valuable. I learned what I was capable of if I believed in myself.

It’s important to change our perspective from, “I  failed, that’s bad and I can’t do this,” to “Okay, so I failed again, what can I learn? How can this make me stronger?” If there’s a will, then there is a way.

These are four of the most common habits for entrepreneurial success. I hope you benefited from them.

Remember, don’t give up on yourself. You are capable of so much more and you can succeed.

Seyneb Said

Seyneb Said


Seyneb Said is a young woman with a passion for understanding why people do what they do. She has been interested in psychology for the past three years.

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