Email is the first step to building a healthy relationship with your customers. In the long run, email list building can help generate leads, boost sales, and create repeat clients.

Email marketing also gives you more control over your communications. You can personalize messages for better results.

Engaging with your customers and gaining social media likes can be challenging, especially as social media platforms change their policies and algorithms. However, one ever-present way to nurture client relationships is through email marketing.

To get a jump start on building your list, download our Email Subscriber Checklist with 15 ways to add subscribers to your email lists.

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How do I collect more emails?


The truth is, when it comes to joining a mailing list, people often need an incentive to write down those magic digits. Here are a few key places to add a subscriber sign up form on your website.


Use a lead magnet


Using a lead magnet is the most effective way to lure your audience into signing up. You can include a downloadable link to a free checklist, toolkit, or a discount coupon. The only catch is that your readers will have to enter their email address.

Insert pop-up triggers at the end of content


If you’re not getting many email leads, it’s probably because you don’t ask for emails at the end of your blog post.

Your readers are more likely to subscribe if they know you offer useful content and information. Remember to include a pop-up trigger to ask for emails at the bottom of your content.


Display a sticky top bar


Consider including a sticky top bar that scrolls with the screen. This will keep the sticky bar in sight while the reader browses content.


Optimize your homepage


Your homepage is likely to be the most trafficked page on your website. Use it to your advantage by optimizing your homepage to collect emails.




Use a pop-up plugin like WP Subscriber Pro to collect more emails on your website. This tool is particularly effective because it allows you to design a simple signup form.


Explore off-line signup ideas


To leave a more lasting impact on your customer, explore offline sign-up ideas as well. You can do this by asking customers to fill out a feedback form that collects emails.

You can make it mandatory to write down their email address at point-of-sale (POS). You can also pass out forms in a networking event.

For more tips, download our free Email Subscriber Checklist with 15 tips for growing your subscriber list. You won’t be disappointed!

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