Done right, business case studies can massively impact your marketing game.

Picture this…

You’ve helped a customer and did a spectacular job. You addressed all their pain points and massively improved their life and/or business. But now, how will you use their success story to get more leads?

Look no further than a happy customer case study: these are marketing documents designed exactly for this purpose.


What is a case study?


A case study is a piece of published content. It outlines how your company helped a client achieve their targets and goals.

This effective marketing tool uses specific examples to highlight how your products and services helped your customer. Publishing a series of case studies is an opportunity to display your excellent track record. Would-be customers read them and better understand what your company offers.


Why are case studies important?


According to the 2016 BrightLocal consumer review survey, 84% of people trust online reviews and testimonials as much as they do a personal recommendation. They do look for them, and read them, before purchasing a product or service. Additionally, BrightLocal notes, “90% of consumers read less than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business.”



People trust what previous buyers say about your products and services. They know reading through reviews can save them from a terrible experience. Positive customer testimonials can also influence buying behavior and establish brand trust.

This is exactly why customer case studies also work! A customer case study provides solid proof that you catered to the needs of a customer who benefited from your services. It showcases real-life examples of how your products and services helped others.

Additionally, hiring a case study expert to write a case study is beneficial for you. It boosts your brand’s credibility and highlights the common problems of your target audience. When you hire an expert to interview your customers in detail, the copywriter will highlight specific and unique solutions to common problems.



Crafting the ideal case study


Generally speaking, case studies follow a recognizable “Problem – Solution – Benefit” formula. However, the current trend in case studies involves crafting stories that read more like magazine feature articles. They are a far cry from the cut and dry business case studies you may have read in the past.

Hiring a professional copywriter will ensure you hit all the right notes, without overselling your business’ products and services. Hiring an impartial third party to write the case study ensures accurate and unbiased reporting. It also allows your customer the freedom to open up about their experience.



The case study process


A case study expert will interview both your team as well as your happy customer. They will ask engaging questions that draw out amazing quotes from everyone. These quotes will be used to highlight the benefits and USP of your product or service.

After interviewing both parties, the case study expert will then pull everything together into a rough draft. The draft will need to be edited and approved by both your company and your happy customer. After the draft is approved, you can send it to your design team for visual branding.

This case study crafting process of interviews, drafts, approval, and design ensures you have a marketing document both company and customer can stand behind. It will serve you well for years to come.


Ready to craft your powerful customer case study?

The case study story arc


Most case studies follow this basic formula:


1 – Highlight the problem

What problem was your client facing?


This could be anything from low sale numbers to poor marketing. If you’re a coach, their problem may have been health issues or lack of direction. No matter what issues they were facing, this portion of the case study brings them to light.

Quotes from your happy customer will be included throughout the case study. However, it’s especially important to include them at the beginning. This way, readers can immediately connect to the pain your customer was facing.

2 – Present the solution

How did your company solve the problem?


Here is where you can get into the details of your products and services.

This section also touches on why your client chose you over your competition to highlight your USP. Potential customers will learn how your company excels compared to other available options out there.


3 – List substantial benefits

What were the positive end results?


Your would-be customers want to learn more about how your company can help them.

In this portion of the story arc, mention several specific ways your customer benefited from your services. This is a great place to include both qualitative improvements and quantitative data if available. It’s also another great place to add memorable customer quotes.


What do case studies include?


Don’t just ramble on. Case studies need solid structure to be effective. They are a marketing document after all! They’re intended to lead your readers to a certain conclusion – and also a sale.

Your case study needs to be organized and must include a happy customer’s success story. Remember, never choose a customer for interviewing with whom you had a rocky or unsatisfying relationship.

For efficient case study marketing, a case study expert will include all of the following:

  • Storytelling element – Case studies are designed to illustrate real life examples of how your products and services help people. This storytelling element explains complex problems in a relatable way.
  • Statistical data – You’ve captured the human element, but your audience is smart. They won’t be swayed by sappy stories alone. Always use numbers and data to highlight the positive growth and improvements your company facilitated. Were you able to double sales for your client? Use those numbers and statistics to display your achievements.
  • Direct quotes – Always ensure your customer case study has direct quotes. This will help your case study sound authentic and relatable to readers. It will also add more meat to your customer story.


case studies


How are case studies different from customer testimonials?


In a customer testimonial, the reviewer simply writes about how terrific your products and services are. In contrast, a case study offers a more in-depth analysis.

Case studies detail specifically how the products and services helped a customer. Additionally, case studies show what decisions went into purchasing the product or service and why your company was chosen over the competition.



Unlike customer testimonials, a client case study is not written by the customer. A case study also follows a systematic sequence and engaging story arc. They provide would-be customers an in-depth look at what your company has to offer.

While it may include direct quotes, it is actually a carefully crafted marketing document that leads readers through the customer journey. It narrates a happy customer’s entire story from start to finish, highlighting all that was achieved so far.

Done right, case study marketing is a very effective way to help prospective clients learn more about your business. Case studies persuasively communicate the benefits of working with your company. They also positively influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions.

Conducting a single, thorough, happy customer interview also removes the need to contact your customer again and again for follow-up information. All the quotes, facts, and figures are already there in one comprehensive document. Case studies make it easy to repurpose quotes and snippets. These can be used in shorter testimonials for your homepage and as part of your social media marketing efforts.

Reach out to a professional case study expert to learn more. Let us help you! Book your free initial consultation to discuss using case studies to grow your business.

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