It’s natural for entrepreneurs and business owners to put all of their attention into improving their products and services. Obviously, this can get them more potential customers on their company website. However, to best understand what products and services to offer, it’s crucial for business owners to first take the time to understand their audience. That’s exactly what formulating a customer avatar can help you achieve.


What is a customer avatar?


A customer avatar is a fictional character that represents that kind of people you need to target in your business. It’s basically an ideal client profile – also known as a buyer persona.

Realize your message will resonate well with some types of people more than others. A customer avatar outlines specific characteristics of your potential customers. You can then use this information to modify your website’s content to get more purchases.


What are the benefits of creating a customer avatar?


You’re probably thinking, why should I create a customer avatar if I’m already focusing on a target audience?

A customer avatar helps narrow down specific personas in your target market. It allows you to ‘humanize’ your marketing.



Creating a customer avatar will save you time and money in the long run. It will enable you to create a more tailored message for your audience so that you can really get inside their head.

What can a customer avatar be used for?


Use the valuable information from your customer avatar to generate marketing copy that your audience will understand and relate to. The persona you develop will help you establish style guidelines that will come in handy for crafting blog posts and ads designed for faster conversion!

If you’re having trouble understanding your audience, what better way to get to know them than to just ask questions!

Create a survey using tools like Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, and LeadQuizzes to get to know people from your target market. Just be sure to create your own questions relevant to your niche and industry.


How can I create a customer avatar?


You’ll find plenty of worksheets and ready-made templates online that’ll help you generate the perfect customer avatar. Userforge and Smaply are two excellent tools for crafting splashy and sharable avatars.

How do I get more customers on my website?


Now, it’s time you focus on how to attract the right target audience to your website. For that, you’ll have to focus on intent- and context-based SEO.

What is intent-based SEO?


User intent as part of search engine optimization is one of the most effective metrics when it comes to shaping your content strategy

High intent long-tail keywords have a greater commercial value. These keywords suggest a strong intent on the searcher’s part to, for example, make a purchase or buy a very specific item.

Incorporating strategies – especially local SEO strategies – that take these terms into account that can lead to increased sales.

Why is user intent important?


When you think about it, people have certain intentions when they are hitting up the search engines. Your potential customers are looking for answers to certain questions or are in need of important information.

While creating content for your website, it’s essential to understand what your audience is looking for. Using specific, intent-based keywords will help you direct more customers to your website.

How can user intent help your website?

Paying attention to user intent is important because it increases conversions and it also establishes trust.

Ultimately, your visitors will start to look up to you. This will allow you to build a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Enough trust and respect will eventually build into brand loyalty. Your audience will soon considers your content a reliable source of information.

How can I evaluate user intent?


If you want to learn more about your audience, you’ll have to go back to the basics of conducting keyword research. Using some of these free and paid keyword research tools is a good way to get started.

However, the process will require a lot more than just looking beyond popular search terms. Focus on both what people are looking for and also why. Understand what they are trying to accomplish and achieve.

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